A Pinch of Phoenix release day!

A PINCH OF PHOENIX, the third and final installment in the MYSTIC COOKING CHRONICLES, is out in the world now! Pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or your local indie. (Or request at your local library!)

Four Reasons to Read it:

  1. More monster hunts!
  2. Find out who wins the battle between the elven mafia and steampunk scientists.
  3. See Lailu finally answer that great question: Greg? Or Ryon?
  4. Watch Vahn get his just desserts.

Paperback copies of A DASH OF DRAGON (book #1) and A HINT OF HYDRA (book #2) are also both out in the world today if you need to catch up. 😉

Thank you to everyone who has followed Lailu on this journey! We hope you enjoy this final book as much as we enjoyed writing it!

-Heidi and Kati